Revised following the 2021 IPCC report 


Revised following the 2021 IPCC report - Now includes the effects of the Oceans and Global Energy Imbalance

A step by step guide to modelling Global Warming. This will help you if you are interested in understanding, creating, teaching, or using a model similar to that used in the Global Warming Handbook. With access to a downloadable Spreadsheet model with chart display. 

A guide to using a general purpose simulation program. Learn by Examples. In this case the free program SimAzing is used to demonstrate how to solve a variety problems using numerical simulation. From a simple pendulum to Global Warming and Covid 19. It even has a simulation for the dance of survival between Ladybirds and Greenflly. The examples are graded and have guidance and explanations as well as an appendix covering the background to the more complex simulations.

All in a short book

How does our world get warm?
What is the true cause?
How uncertain is the science?
What affects the timing and when should we panic?
What are tipping points and are they easy to deal with?

The Global Warming Handbook tries to make things simple.

If you are interested in Modelling, have a look at the free Windows based simulation package. It makes dynamic modelling easy